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Independence Lumber, Inc.

Saw-Mill Operations

Independence Lumber, Inc. we employ the most advanced technology and one of the most progressive manufacturing processes. Our Double-cut band-mills and laser-guided scanning technology improve the yield of each log; the abrasive planers deliver clean lumber with fewer splits and less skip. The latest kiln equipment, combined with the way we manage and monitor the drying process, provides more consistent in our product.

The larger higher grade logs are squared up by the Cleereman Head Rig. The logs are then fed to the Jocar Band Re-saw which has the capability to turn cants to determine the best faces for maximizing grade recovery. The small to medium, lower grade logs, are sawed by the Cooper Scragg. The Optimizing Edger & the Optimizing End Trimmer utilizes computer controlled scanners to get the maximum yield of lumber from each board with the least amount of waste. Over 10,000 board feet of lumber is produced each hour. The lumber is then collected in the Bay Sorter. This new computer technology separates grades into lengths from 4/4 to 10/4, widths, color & thickness. All grades are based on NHLA Rules and Sales Codes to ensure a quality product

Saw-Mill Operations

Independence Lumber, Inc. is an domestic & global facility, manufacturing, supplying & producing the highest quality lumber in southwestern hardwoods and eastern white-pines our industry has to offer. Independence Lumber, Inc. produces over 45 million board-feet in lumber operations and 20 million board-feet in kiln-dried lumber. 

Dave Williams

General Saw-Mill Operation Manager

Independence, VA

Ricky Miller

Saw-Mill Operation Manager

Elkin, NC

Rick Carico

Saw-Mill Forman

Independence, VA

Cody Carico

Head Sawyer

Independence, VA

Daniel Barnes

Head Sawyer

Elkin, NC

Roscoe Throckmorton

Mill Scrag Sawyer

Elkin, NC


407 Lumber Lane

Independence VA 24348


Office: 276-773-3744

Fax: 276-773-3705


Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Sat: Closed

Sun: Closed

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