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Dry - Kiln Operations

Independence Lumber, Inc. Dry - Kiln Operations

Independence Lumber, Inc. produces over 20 million feet of dried kiln lumber annually - a well- designed and properly operated dry kiln can in a few days or weeks turn green lumber fresh from the forest into a dry, stable material necessary for successful industrial enterprises in today’s highly competitive markets. The more critical the drying requirements, the more firmly the dry kiln becomes established as an integral part of the lumber mill, the furniture factory, or the millwork plant. For many wood products, dry kiln lumber is essential. Dried lumber has many advantages over green lumber for producers and consumers alike. Removal of excess water reduces weight and thus shipping and handling costs. Proper drying confines shrinking and swelling of wood in use to manageable amounts under all but extreme conditions of relative humidity. Properly dried lumber can be cut to precise dimensions and machined more easily and efficiently; wood parts can he more securely fitted and fastened together with nails, screws, bolts, and adhesives; warping, splitting, checking, and other harmful effects of uncontrolled drying are largely eliminated; paint, varnish, and other finishes are more effectively applied and maintained; and decay hazards are eliminated if the wood is subsequently treated or protected from excessive moisture regain. Efficient kiln drying of lumber is therefore of key importance in the utilization of our forest resource.

Miguel Ruiz

Dry - Kiln Operations Manager

Independence, VA

Adrian Najera

Dry - Kiln Supervisor

Independence, VA

Mark Johnson

Dry - Kiln Board Specialist

Independence, VA

Juan Fuentes

Dry - Kiln Supervisor

Elkin, NC


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