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Garage Maintenance

Independence Lumber, Inc. Garage Maintenance

Independence Lumber, Inc. garage maintenance team is repairing and servicing the many trucks & heavy equipment operated on at the sawmill or on, logging and forest road construction projects—either outdoors at the forest jobsite, or indoors at an equipment repair shop.

Keeping the machinery working and the trucks moving demands a skilled team of mechanics and service technicians on the job daily. Independence Lumber Inc. operations employs a range of mechanized technology, heavy equipment, automated machines, diesel trucks, and small motors. The forest sector “mechanic” is responsible for the prompt and efficient repair of high-tech equipment, as well as preventative service, that keeps machinery producing without needless breakdowns. These mechanics have specialized skills and training tailored to fix and maintain the unique purpose-built modern equipment on the jobsites or at the mill. Without these important mechanical technicians, the many heels-saws-electronic components in the sawmill and logging production clock grind to an unproductive halt.

Greg Wyatt

Garage Foreman

Independence, VA

Albert Hall

Parts Manager

Independence, VA

Paul Shaw

Maintenance Manager

Elkin, NC


407 Lumber Lane

Independence, VA 24348




Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Sat: Closed

Sun: Closed

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